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On August 28, 2011
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The Waterpik Water Flosser takes oral hygiene to a new level and is a great alternative to tradition string floss in 2013 Read the review

Water Flosser Review

The Fantastic Alternative To Regular Dental Floss

A water flosser or oral irrigator is a device that uses an advanced pressure control system to remove plaque and left over food debris from between your teeth.

It is an extraordinary device that gets in under the gum line where brushing alone and traditional flossing cannot reach.

This works by using a pulsating jet of water which delivers 10-90 PSI of adjustable water pressure with 1200 pulses per minute to dislodge embedded plaque.

A water flosser has a range of settings which can be adjusted for personal use from a lower setting(less pressure) to a more powerful one if needed.

They are especially beneficial for people who wear braces, crowns, implants and bridges as an alternative to traditional string style dental floss for the sole purpose that it

can reach deep between teeth for improving gum health and removing plaque and bacteria between the teeth.

Discover How Effective The Waterpik™ Really Is!
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The recommended number one water flosser recommended by dental professionals is the Waterpik range.

This brand has been clinically proven to be an effective alternative to traditional flossing for removing plaque and improving gum health within 14 days.

The best waterpik water flossers have been proven in laboratory tests to remove 99.9% of the debris and plaque within a very short space of time from treated areas (seconds in some cases).

They have also been proven to be 3 times more effective than string dental floss to clean around braces with the specialized tips that are included.

It is without doubt a great investment in dental care and is highly recommended by users worldwide.

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Waterpik Ultra WP100 Review

waterpik ultra wp 100 water flosser review

Waterpik Ultra WP -100

This device is regarded as the number one flosser recommended by dental professionals.

It features six specialized tips to provide a gentle yet deep clean at home.

Included in the six specialized tips are the Tongue Cleaner,

Pik Pocket Tip, Classic Jet Tip, Plaque Seeker Tip, Toothbrush Tip and last but not least the Orthodontic Tip .

It is more effective and easier to use than the traditional flossing methods and up to 2 times as effective at removing the build up of  plaque around braces.

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It can remove up to an amazing 99.9% of the plaque from treated areas and promote healthier gums by getting in below the gum line to remove bacteria and debris.

The Waterpik Ultra WP100 water pressure is adjustable and delivers 10-90 PSI of pressure at 1200 pulses / min and is backed by a 3 year warranty.

This model is powerful and does the job of “power cleaning” your teeth.



Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

new generation hydro-floss-irrigator-system


The  Hydro water Flosser Oral Irrigator is a new generation of the most effective oral irrigator devices of its kind.

It incorporates the patented inovative Hydro-Magnetics design.

It is two times as effective as most other oral irrigators due to the new innovation of the HydroMagnetics system.

High pressure ionized water helps to prevent plaque and bacteria attaching to the surface of the tooth.

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Philips Sonicare HX8111/02 Airfloss

Features Philips Microburst technology that has been proven to remove 99% of plaque quickly and safely.

It is designed to last up to two weeks on one single charge.

It has a compact portable design. Simple one button operation.

When it needs charging a battery low indicator light will come on to alert the user.
Fits any of the Sonicare chargers.

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Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A Review




The Panasonic Oral Irrigator effectively cleans debris between teeth that a toothbrush alone cannot do.

It has a collapsible case ideal for when traveling and has replaceable batteries. Easy to use and powerful with 1600 pulses per minute.

It is cordless and portable and has 2 speeds.

The Panasonic Oral Irrigator is also waterproof and washable.

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QuickBreeze Dental Oral Irrigator Oral Breeze Review

quick breeze water flosser

Quick Breeze

Product Description
Easy installation and fits all standard US plumbing. Easy do it yourself – No need for a plumber.
The Faucet Adapter connects to faucets- easily replaces the existing aerator and is designed to divert with the valve adapter.
The QuickBreeze adapter usually fits most faucets.

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Product Features
Fan spray tips that are dentist recommended. Not a needle spray.
Fast and easy to use with a flexible and long hose.
Powerful  and user friendly with quick results.
Chrome plated brass.
Two tips and one oral irrigator valve.

For maximum oral hygeine use a water flosser after brushing initialy with a good quality electric toothbrush. Using these two devices will achieve the best oral hygeine.

The electric toothbrush will do the inital cleaning of the tooths surface removing built up plaque, then the water flosser will remove the left over bacteria and food debrise in between the teeth.

Refer to our list of highly recommended electric toothrushes HERE.

We hope the water flosser reviews have helped provide an incite into water flossers and the their effective use.