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The Best Waterpik produced by Waterpik in 2015 is the WP-100 Ultra water flosser. Get the low down on the new and improved WP 100 Ultra Water flosser review

Best Waterpik

best waterpik for flossing


Waterpik Wp-100 Ultra

The Best Waterpik produced by Waterpik is the WP-100 Ultra water flosser.

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At long last, there is a simpler way to floss with the new and improved Waterpik UltraWP 100 Ultra.

It has proven itself to be more comfortable than string floss and is significantly more effective than conventional dental flossing.

It can achieve as high as 99.9% plaque removal from targeted areas.

It easily removes bacteria and debris that has been stuck in between teeth and the gum line and gives you a gentle deep clean, all this in your own home.


Water Flosser Review

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Best Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Review

best waterpikIt has been proven to also benefit people with braces, people who have diabetes and people with gum disease as this little beauty cleans below gum lines and hard to reach places with its adjustable water pressure and is three times more productive than dental floss at removing any plaque between and around braces.

The way this works is via an advanced control water jet which delivers a very high water pressure and additionally 1200 pulses/ minute.
This has proven to significantly benefit peoples oral health including those wearing implants and crowns.

The Waterpik Ultra has 6 tips that are color coded and they clean in their own specialized ways.

These includes:

A Tongue Cleaner helps to freshen breath by removing bacteria leaving your tongue cleaner and more hygienic.
A Plaque Removal Tip helps to remove plaque from those areas that are hard to see and reach.
An Orthodontic Tip is designed especially for people who have braces and has proven to generally be three times more efficient than string floss in removing plaque.
The Pocket Pik Tip washes deeply beneath the gum line and delivers medicament’s.
A Tooth-brush Tip gives you the practicality of cleaning with a toothbrush and additionally flossing together using the water flosser.
A Classic Jet Tip promotes healthier gums.

Depending on personal preference, you can select either delicate pressured water or ability of cleansing deeply. The WP-100 has ten adjustable settings to suit any requirement.
The settings are between 10 – 90 Pound Per Square inch and with 1200 pulses/min they can do a great job to maintain healthy gums.
In actual fact, if used regularly, clinical studies have shown that this particular water flosser can improve your gums and keep them healthier within 14 days.
The enhanced design is user friendly and quieter. It consists of a protected water tank with an inner storage compartment for tips and is covered by a 3 year warranty.

Waterpik’s products are renowned for their technology and amazing design. They are an award winning product and are considered the number 1 water flosser by dental professionals maintaining a consistent commitment to develop quality products to improve teeth and gum health for customers.
In turn they also conserve energy and water.

best waterpikThe Box Includes:
* 1 Waterpik Water Flosser Ultra WP-100.
* 1 Reservoir lid.
* 1 Tip – Orthodontic.
* 1 Tip – Original Jet.
* 1 Tip – Toothbrush.
* 1 Tip – Plaque Seeker.
* 1 Cleaner for the Tongue.
* 1 Tip – Pik Pocket.
* 1 Owner Manual and a quick start reference guide.

The Good

* High quality water jet that conserves water and energy.
* Water jet has been clinically tested to generally be up to 93% more efficient than regular string flossing.
* Removes bacteria and debris that is embedded between teeth and also below gum lines.
* Easier yet more efficient than regular string flossing.
* Improves gum health by treating affected areas.
* Covered by a 3 year warranty.
* 6 color tips that are color coded clean in specific ways.

The Bad

* Using a Waterpik can be a little splashy and squirty.

Best Waterpik

My Overall Rating: best waterpik

Best Waterpik – Water Flosser Ultra WP 100 Customer Review

I thoroughly recommend the WaterPik Ultra WP 100 for an excellent oral hygiene tool at home.
This amazing model is integral, works very well and is super stylish.
I always thought that string flossing and regular brushing was enough until I started using this device.
Well, this was certainly a revelation!! The Waterpik is designed to provide you the “edge” in providing great oral hygiene and this it certainly delivers. It will impress you with the removal of how much gunky stuff is left behind just from regular brushing which can ultimately lead to all sorts of problems.
This model is powerful and easy to use and definitely the best waterpik. It is a must have in any bathroom.

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